Custom printing and packaging have proven to be very successful in past years for businesses. They help to attract customers and visibility, reach, reputation, and sales of the brands. Customization allows brands to communicate with their customers and establish their standing in the market.

However, packaging has also led to environmental waste and pollution which has caused various problems. Plastic and other non-biodegradable materials were used in the packaging before. Therefore, green packaging and printing has been introduced to level the bad influences of packaging.

There is no one definition of green packaging and printing. Material that is sustainable and made up of eco friendly material is called green packaging. Green packaging is a zero waste packaging and is beneficial for the environment in multiple ways.

Green packaging and printing are biodegradable.

Green packaging, printing and labeling solutions are beneficial for the environment. they are made up of eco friendly materials hence are biodegradable. This means that their half life is lower than other non-biodegradable products hence will decompose quickly and completely. Green packaging minimized land fill and waste.

Green packaging and printing reduce environmental pollution.

Green packaging and printing are also beneficial for the environment as it keeps waster and air pollution to a minimum. No harmful chemicals are used to manufacture these green products. No harmful gases are emitted while manufacturing these products. Therefore, green packaging is the ideal way of packaging.

Green packaging and printing are recyclable.

Constructing green packaging and printing materials are a bit expensive as compared to other packaging and printing solutions as they require natural and eco friendly materials. However, green packaging and printing material are recyclable and reusable. Therefore, this feature reduces the overall cost of manufacturing.

Green packaging helps influence customers.

Apart from the environmental impact of green packaging and printing it also enhances the brand perception in front of the customers. customers are more quality and health conscious now and prefer brands that practice such activities towards a better environment. more customers will be attracted towards the brand as a quality-oriented brand and hence provides high quality products. This will help enhance brand reputation in the market.

Biotech packages

Biotech packages is a green packaging and printing company that provide biodegradable and sustainable packaging, printing, and labeling solutions. We have been providing quality services since 2013. We value time management and provide affordable services through which our customers can get best results within their budget. we provide custom sizes and styles of packaging cartons, we also holographic boxes, cosmetic boxes, and pharma boxes. We provide UV offset printing solutions and label solutions as well. All our products can be customized and are made of only green material. We are based in Lahore but are also available through our online site.