UV printing in Lahore is using a technology for applying a full-color image to business gifts and promotional products. Most often, direct UV printing on plastic is used for advertising purposes: key chains, flash drives, lighters, flashlights, pens. In addition, the method is widely used for application on diaries, premium steles and gift wrapping.

UV printing technology

UV printing is one type of direct printing using UV curable ink. Special inks under the influence of ultraviolet radiation turn into a solid state and, without being absorbed, adhere tightly to the base.

UV printing on flat surfaces

Almost any flat and smooth surface of a souvenir is suitable for application – UV-curable ink fits equally well on wood and metal, plastic and artificial leather. This printing method is chosen if you want to apply the image to batteries, diaries, reflectors, clips and pen cases, etc.

UVR UV Circular Printing

The method has proven itself when printing on cylindrical surfaces made of various materials – plastic, glass, metal. You can seal thermoses and thermo mugs, glasses, water bottles in full color. Technological limitation – the body must be a regular cylinder, without narrowing and thickening.

Benefits of UV Printing on Souvenirs

UV printing in Lahore services are more expensive than pad printing and monochrome printing. However, UV printing on plastic has several important advantages.

  • Photorealistic image;
  • UV resistant printing on souvenirs;
  • Large area of application;
  • The possibility of making small runs.

Photorealistic Image

UV printing, in contrast to pad printing, allows you to apply a clear, high-quality, high-quality full-color image with a resolution of up to 1140×1200 dpi, which makes the gift more vivid and allows you to stand out from others. The photorealistic image looks organically on the gift, as if created along with the product itself. It should be noted that it is impossible to select colors on the Pantone scale when applying UV printing, since in this case the CMYK color model is used. To apply the logo in one or more Pantone colors, select pad printing.

Persistent application

The durability of UV printing is comparable to pad printing and is therefore ideal for branding souvenirs. Under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, the paints are firmly fixed on the base, and you cannot be afraid that the paint will lie unevenly or wash off over time.

Large application area

UV printing allows you to create images that fill the surface of the product as much as possible – for example, lighters or flash drives. The lack of technological restrictions allows you to seal large areas almost to the edge, creating a unique design for the cover of a diary or packing box.

The possibility of making small runs

UV printing practically does not require preparatory work and does not involve initial costs, so the minimum circulation for this type of application is 1 pc. This is one of the most efficient printing methods, but it must be kept in mind that it takes time to print products with a large print area.