Shrink Sleeves

Biotech Packages offers world-class quality shrink sleeves which gives 360 degrees of marking and correspondence space.

Our printing innovations incorporate both digital offset and flexographic to permit us to competitively supply long and short while run, static and variable shrink sleeves. Complex programming guarantees our prepress specialists give precisely mutilated craftsmanship administrations.

Shrink Sleeves Samples

Benefits Of Shrink Sleeves

Shrink sleeves are an increasingly popular decoration choice. Some of the benefits are:

❁ Durable, scuff-resistant and fade-resistant as the images are printed on the inside of the sleeve

❁ Ideally suited for decorating unusually-shaped containers

❁ Tamper evidence can be incorporated

❁ The entire container can be decorated from top to bottom and around the entire surface, offering increased brand and communication space and a strong shelf presence

Shrink sleeves are a great solution for:

❁ Curved and contoured containers

❁ Can decoration

❁ Glass, plastic and metal containers

Technical Shrink Sleeve Expertise

There are many considerations when developing a shrink sleeve solutions, including:

❁ Is your shrink tunnel hot air/radiant or steam?

❁ What applicator are you using?

❁ Is the container empty, cold filled or hot filled?

❁ What is the container made of?

❁ Is the container tightly contoured or ribbed?

❁ What shrink rate is required?