Home & Personal Care

Biotech Packages have made excellent quality, high performing labels for a wide range of home and personal care products. Our team of label professionals has lots of experience in designing label solutions for home and personal care clients.

We offer a specialist material portfolio developed specifically for the challenges these labels must meet. Our range of flexible manufacturing technologies provides efficient solutions and great print quality.


Home and Personal Care Label Samples

Material Portfolio

Home and personal care products include a large range of items that requires a versatile packaging design. Customers want their products to be designed in a way that is affordable yet beautiful. Biotech Packaging offers its customers all in one platform to design their products. Our labels always stand out and we guarantee the best quality, unlike our competitors. We ensure the eye-catching and appealing design of the home and personal care products.

We better understand that those products require too much attention to design. We use different designs and patterns to make our projects traditional and sophisticated. We use different captivating ways to make our labels engaging. We cover a wide range of products including deodorants, aerosols, baby products, bottles, cleansers, containers and much more. We continuously upgrade our material and techniques to ensure that we are ready for future changes and advancements. That is the reason we are trusted by our customers.

Our Labelling Expertise

We offer solutions for:

❁  Personal Care labels
❁ Home & Cleaning labels
❁ Cosmetics labels