Why Consider UV Offset Printing?

The traditional method of printing involves the use of solvent-based inks. These inks take too much time to get harden. It slowly penetrates as the solvent begins to evaporate. This long process is time-consuming and hazardous for the environment. Moreover, it also results in distorted print images. Instead of solvents, UV inks have monomers which allow the ink to dries quickly after exposing to light. It also results in less dot gain and provides more sharp and vibrant colors.

Biotech Packages knows the true value of time, money and resources that is why we are providing the UV offset printing in a brilliant way than ever. It is also a plus for us that our customers are delighted with the results. We offer UV offset printing to a wide variety of materials like sheets, plastics and paper. We also ensure that our environmental friendly solvents are 100% VOC free, unlike the traditional inks.