Industrial Labels

Biotech Packages have been supplying labels for industrial applications for many years, Our manufacturing capabilities, systems and processes are designed to meet the stringent quality requirements of our customers, including a dedicated inspection lane that provides a certified finishing solution.

Industrial labels need to withstand many conditions, including chemicals, heat, moisture, and sun exposure. Our team have developed solutions for all sorts of challenges, and we have a range of specialist materials.

Industrial Labels Samples


We have been supplying industrial labelling solutions for over years. In this time we have seen the global harmonisation of regulations such as Chemical Bottles Labelling which has created new compliance requirements. Our team has experience across a broad range of difficult applications, environments and unique challenges.

We supply labelling solutions to industries such as:

❁ Chemicals Labels

❁ Batteries Labels

❁ Automotive ‘Lube’ Labels

We also make labels for lots of specialities industries including Aluminium Smelting, Fertilisers, Plastics, Packaging, Fasteners and Joinery.

Specialist Materials

Based on our experience we have developed a specific material portfolio to meet the challenging needs of industrial labelling.

❁ Durable                                      ❁ Strong

❁ Waterproof                                ❁ Oil resistant

❁ Chemical resistant                    ❁ Light fast


We are your ideal partner to meet the diverse, demanding and often unique requirements of industrial labelling. Our label solutions and specialist materials are suited to any and all requirements.