Food Labels

We are experts in the manufacture of excellent quality, customized food and general supermarket labels, We offer a wide range of labeling services to our customers. Food labeling is one of our distinctive services where we use the product description of the company and convey it to the users with the help of food labels.

The basic purpose of food labeling is to share all the relevant information of food, its ingredients and nutritional value. Safety details are also posted here to ensure that the product is consumed by the right users.

Food Label Samples

Custom Label Options

We make custom food labels in any shape and size, for hand or machine application and for use on all types of packaging.

Our team of label experts can help you select the best material to suit your specific needs. Our range of materials includes gloss paper, clear film, white film, metalized, thermal, textured and specialty items. These are matched with a full range of adhesives to suit even the toughest application environment, including moisture and extreme temperature demands. There are options to suit cartons, jars, bottles, boxes and even directly onto foodstuffs. Ask us about our solutions for overprinting variable information like barcodes, batch numbers, and dates. We can even print on the reverse of the label.

We also have an extensive selection of embellishments to ensure that your products stand out. We offer foils, embossing, high builds, screens, textured coatings, and lots more.

We make labels for all kinds of food products, including:

❁ Bakery                                                                      ❁ Honey

❁ Sauces and Condiments                                          ❁ Dairy

❁ Fresh Produce                                                          ❁ Dry Goods

Due to increased awareness, people are getting more and more conscious about their health. That is why these food labels are designed to help the consumers to choose the right food for them. Biotech is not only helping the food industries to design their food labels but we are also working hard to avoid the false food labels. We strongly believe that customer satisfaction and safety always comes first, so we are doing our best to serve the food industry.