Can you define how packaging makes a difference to your business?

The first contact between the consumer and the brand is made by the packaging, correct? Thus, it is essential that this meeting be positive, since this moment can be the milestone for customer loyalty to the product. So, it is necessary that the packaging guarantees the quality of the product and draws attention in some way!

Quality packaging provides reliability, prevents damage and possible losses, guarantees profits for the company and provides very important information to customers. Check out the features that need to be added to your product packaging.

Regardless of the content of the goods, the main function of packaging is to protect the product. For food items it is essential that it is resistant against animals, insects, microorganisms or other possible external agents. For electronics, for example, the main concern is to ensure the safety and stability of the article, since they are more susceptible to damage. Thus, protection should always be the focus of the company towards its product. Since no consumer will have confidence in buying a product for the second time that has had problems in its packaging. So, in addition to protecting what’s inside, the packaging is also responsible for carrying the brand’s name – and any failures can directly affect the venture’s profit.

In addition to internal protection, a good recommendation is to invest in good product storage. This is because, during logistics, damage can occur – especially if the product is exposed in some way. If the packaging is damaged, it is very likely that the product will not even reach the store shelves. Therefore, look for ways to facilitate the storage of the product so that the distribution is carried out in the best possible way!

It is necessary to leave the contents that are in their packaging very well exposed. In this way, check which are the mandatory elements that need to be listed in the receptacle:

  • Identification of the goods with the respective name and brand;
  • Origin of manufacture (country – manufacturer/producer/importer/distributor;
  • Lot number;
  • Expiration date, in case of perishable product;
  • Instructions on product conservation;
  • Quantitative unit of content: unit of mass (kilo) or volume (liter);
  • Merchant’s CNPJ;
  • Merchant address;
  • Guidance through symbols on handling, storage and transport;
  • Identification of materials and selective disposal through symbols;
  • Instructions on how to use the product;
  • For electrical and electronic products, the labeling needs to inform the types of inputs and outputs, in addition to the amperage of the product.
  • Contact information for SAC (Customer Service);

For food and beverage products, it is also necessary to inform:

  • Ingredients listing. It is necessary to start with the ingredient in greater quantity and proceed in descending order;
  • Guidance on the preparation and use of food, when necessary.
  • Informative on the caloric value, nutrients and components;
  • Information on the sugar levels of the product, if any;
  • List of Food Additives in the Ingredients List;
  • Quantity and/or Type of Fat Index;
  • Complementary Nutritional Information;
  • Registration issued by the Ministry of Agriculture;

In addition to this type of communication provided for by law, it is recommended that packages have their own way of “talking” with the customer. The logo, letters, colors must be related not only to the packaging, but also to the quality of the merchandise. In marketing, the set of these elements form the famous visual identity.

For this reason, it is essential to invest in an innovative design for your project – it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel, but try to attribute new characteristics to your packaging in relation to competitors. Believe me, many buyers opt for a more expensive product because of the packaging differential – whether in design or in the possible post-use utilities and functionalities, such as a packaging that can serve as a cup or a bowl.

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