Did you know that there are differences between the concepts of container and packaging ? Discover its main characteristics that will help you select the right piece to protect your products.

Packaging, packaging and packaging: basic concepts

We could assume that packaging, packaging and packaging are synonyms. In a way, this idea is realistic, since we often use these words to refer to cardboard boxes, paper bags, and other elements that contain products that will be stored or sent to a particular destination.

The truth is that their meanings are different. Each concept unifies its own characteristics that distinguishes them from the others . 

Now, why is it necessary to understand these differences? Because those companies that must make decisions regarding the best option to protect their products will do so intelligently if they recognize what a package is, what a package is and what a container is .

These 3 concepts are related to each other but do not refer to the same thing . Next, we reveal what each of them consists of:

What is the container?

The container responds to that element that is directly in contact with the product , being the container that we see with the naked eye and that contains the raw material inside, protecting it from any external action that could modify it. A clear example is the bottle that contains a perfume or the can of peas. 

What is packaging?

We could say that packaging is a process that includes everything necessary to protect the product or products against 3 key factors: handling, storage and transfer to destination.

The packaging keeps the load safe during the entire initial journey until it ends and reaches the hands of the consumer, at the loading station or supermarket shelf. In this way, the products are protected against mechanical and climatic risks, poor handling, theft or contamination.

What is the packaging?

The packaging is the packaging of the product . It is the secondary packaging that surrounds and protects the element and is used exclusively for advertising purposes, highlighting the merchandise and positioning a brand through design and the use of marketing strategies.

Differences between packaging, container and packaging

Packaging, packaging and packaging seek to protect the product that they house inside or that they group together. However, as we have seen in the previous definitions, there are notable differences between them.

The most notable difference between these 3 concepts is the level of contact they maintain with the merchandise : the container is directly linked, the packaging is secondary and protects the container for advertising purposes, and the packaging is in contact with the packaging, grouping it or enhancing its protection to prevent damage, breakage, theft, etc.

We could visualize it as a pyramid chain where the product is on the podium, then the packaging follows, the packaging continues and finally everything is grouped in the packaging.

Another difference between container and packaging is linked to the type of material with which each of these alternatives can be manufactured . The packaging will be more limited to the product with which it is directly linked, while in the case of packaging, the options are wide and varied : all kinds of cardboard, bubble wrap, foam, paper, plastic and much more.

What is the role of packaging and packaging in the industrial sector?

The packaging and packaging industry continues to grow as it is a key sector in the marketing chain. Today all merchandise is conceived with a container that contains it and a packaging that guarantees protection during transport .

It is important to distinguish these two preponderant factors in any business in order to recognize their intrinsic functions .


It is the element that keeps an object or product inside, being in direct contact with it. In addition to protecting it, it fulfills a brand identification function since it is highly customizable. This feature is what makes the packaging stand out.

It is also usually distinguished as primary packaging since it is the link between the merchandise and the outside.


The packaging itself is linked to the storage, protection, conservation and transfer of several units of the same merchandise, which is why it is also called tertiary packaging. Examples of this are the external boxes that contain packs of biscuits, the wrappers that protect different containers that will be transported to the point of sale, etc.    

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