For the packaging of a product requires a certain type of packaging. If we talk about custom boxes Lahore, they have a special cut, can be complemented by internal elements, have lids and handles. The cardboard packaging factory produces any modern design of cardboard boxes. Conventionally, all of them can be divided into five groups, depending on the design features.

Side gluing

Boxes of this type are delivered folded and glued along the side valve. The design can be assembled automatically or manually. Its varieties are:

  • Dovetail
  • Boxes with gluing on the side for packing creams and pizza,
  • Boxes with two valves located crosswise for packing bulk products (food and non-food).

Similar designs of cardboard boxes are widely used in packaging for various types of food products, groceries, insecticides, perfumes and cosmetics, hygiene products and confectionery products.

Auto Bottom Boxes

This type of construction has an end valve at one end and a bottom at the other end that folds automatically. The box comes folded, glued at only three points. It can be used in automatic and manual assembly when packing products. Designs with a folding bottom are in demand when packaging deep-frozen products (rolls, meatballs, and ravioli), alcoholic beverages, New Year’s gifts and gift sets in the form of cosmetics and perfumes.

The advantage of this type of box is that it can store and transport various equipment and electronics. Thanks to two or three gluing points, high tare strength is ensured.

Tray Type Boxes

Designs of this type are cardboard blanks that have a reinforced side stand. In such a package, the side wall valves are folded onto the side wall. Such designs are assembled by hand and are necessary for packaging food, appliances, household goods, children’s toys, and textile products. A variation on this type of structure is a box with a one-piece lid, with gluing along the end walls.

Self-assembled constructions

The self-assembled design of corrugated custom boxes Lahore is a package with a lid and a bottom. It at the request of our customers can be with sides. The design is such that the assembly of the boxes can be automatic or manual. Self-assembly packaging is good in that its assembly is easy to handle on its own. This is usually a simple design with valves. Self-assembled are both large corrugated boxes and small trays, for example, for storing and transporting vegetables, chicken meat, and confectionery. Boxes are delivered flat with holes already cut out and with ready-made valves. Many models are complemented by a lid that is also easy to assemble. The use of corrugated cardboard for the manufacture of such structures is beneficial due to the strength of the material. It, in turn, is achieved by the presence of stiffeners – in this capacity, the wavy layer of the corrugation, located between two flat layers, acts. Such packaging will be reliable protection against any external influences. Among the varieties of self-assembled boxes stand out show boxes, boxes, suitcases, packaging for pizza or flowers.

Custom configurations

Custom-shaped boxes are a separate category of designs. They are created in order to attract the attention of a potential buyer, most often have an original design. Among non-standard designs, six- and octagonal boxes stand out in the form of trapezoid and triangles. Products can be supplemented with plastic handles, have liners and tool holders. Most of the unusual types of packaging are used to decorate gift products – cosmetics, perfumes, toys and goods for children, ice cream and sweets.

The show-box designs are beautiful, which act both as containers and as a mini-showcase. Spectacular packaging is used to store chocolate and sweets, chewing gum, cosmetics, fishing tackle, various small items and spare parts. The cardboard packaging factory produces any design of cardboard boxes to order. We help in the multi-level development of design projects using automated production lines. We make any types of boxes to order – call and specify.For more information Click the link Custom Boxes Lahore.