Brand packaging was born to promote brands and their products. Discover the impact of this new trend that combines extreme creativity with security in shipping packaging.

Brand packaging: what does it consist of?

Brand packaging is the concept that refers to the packaging and the brand that gives life to the product. In other words, it combines two key factors in the universe of packaging and advertising: safe packaging and brand image.

It is the packaging capable of providing a unique experience to the consumer because all its design strategies have been generated from an essential premise: the packaging is the first real connection between the brand and the customer.

In this way, the raw material that constitutes the packaging, the design that gives it life, the protection materials that enhance its safety, the use of colors and specific fonts, are key when creating a brand packaging .

Faced with these characteristics, the adequate study of the best packaging for a brand must be a fundamental point to achieve a successful design. In this sense, modern trends represent a powerful source of information that companies can use in favor of creating attractive and safe packaging.

How brand packaging impacts the experience of your customers

According to the survey carried out in 2021, there are certain packaging components that are of great importance to consumers , impacting their purchasing decisions.

For example, the study found that 42% prefer sustainable packaging , 34% want free samples, 5% are attracted by a personal note, and 14% value an extra gift when receiving their package.

These data, which are replicated in a large number of studies based on the impact of brand packaging , show that packaging acquires superlative relevance for potential customers.

Let us remember that before the digital acceleration that we are experiencing and the urgent need in business to acquire an online presence in various sales channels, people visited physical stores to make their purchases.

There they could see, touch, even smell all the products they wanted to buy. Therefore, we can think that the face-to-face purchase constitutes in itself a personal and deep brand experience.

While buying products online is a completely different experience , as consumers use the Internet to search for the items they want and, without even seeing or physically touching them, decide to buy them.

Take your packaging to another level with premium packaging

Therefore, much of the ordering of products and services online is based on trust: believing in the brands that market them or in the positive evidence that other buyers express.

So how does branded packaging impact the customer experience? 

Building trust! It is that, when a design and branding strategy is properly planned in the packaging, consumers can glimpse seriousness, responsibility and attraction through the packaging that contains their favorite products.

We must not forget that the packaging presentation must become a positive experience for the customer: brands must rethink packaging and turn it into a work of art.

Investing time and money in brand packaging is not an expense but an opportunity to better connect and impress current customers.

For example, using eco-friendly packaging materials and practices is one of the most valuable packaging strategies for marketing consumers. You can also opt for dual-use packaging to encourage reuse and avoid waste that generates litter.

Types of brand packaging

There are as many types of brand packaging as there are brands and products! But it is essential to take into account certain recommendations so that the design of your brand packaging stands out from the competition and, above all, generates a unique experience for consumers.

> Creativity as a key element

Creativity is the first step for a successful brand packaging because the main purpose of packaging, in addition to providing security to the product, must be to attract potential customers.

It is essential to know the market trends, be inspired by the big brands and let your imagination run wild to create personalized packaging that your brand and products need in order to stand out.

>Minimalism and exposure

Minimalism is one of the attractions of modern packaging : simple structures and formats, that encourage uncomplicated opening, that include ecological raw materials, are some of its characteristics.

Exposing minimalist packaging through social networks is a plus to increase the brand image.

>lively and attractive

The packaging must be attractive but also be capable of provoking a lively and positive image in the consumer . After all, a memorable experience is the objective of brand packaging and should not be missing from your strategy.

Using original and surprising designs, generating entertaining and fun advertising, can help you achieve this.

>Eco-friendly inspiration

Eco – friendly packaging is the norm ! Being inspired by the use of environmentally friendly materials will position your brand as one of the most respectable in your sector. In addition to collaborating with the environment, you will increase your reputation.

Are branding and packaging the same?

Clearly, packaging and branding are not the same ! But together they make up the brand packaging that we have described in previous sections.

Packaging is the package whose format and structure is responsible for containing the marketed products, while branding refers to the process of building a brand, involving relevant decisions in terms of graphic design, communication and advertising.

Packaging is part of a brand’s branding because, through a specific format and communication strategies, it becomes an opportunity to attract customers, retain them and position the business.

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